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Frequently Ask Questions

1) How much do you charge?
It depends. My official rate as the Studio Owner and Engineer is $35/hour. But I have been known to forego fees altogether if I think you or your band has potential and you just need a strong advocate for your music.

2) Is your Studio for rent?
Yes, but I'd like to make sure you have a capable engineer qualified to operate the analog equipment in a ProTools HD environment. I attend all sessions in terms of support. See the "Policies" page to get the information you need.

3) I'm just starting out. Do you start billing the moment I talk to you?
Of course not! Your first step should be to call me at 707 321-2297 and let's chat. Ideally I need to understand what your requirements are. The consultation is free until I feel reasonably certain you are in a position to move forward with your recording.

4) If things don't work out, what happens next?
There are many reasons why recording efforts break down. Some are technical, lack good planning, unreasonable expectations. Some are just chemistry. We make every attempt to reach a level of fairness that minimizes expense on both sides. Your intellectual property remains yours in any case. Usually I just give you the data files of the recordings and the Protools session parameters. You can certainly take them to another engineer and continue the work. Remember if you use our plug ins, your next engineer will need their own plugins also. The hourly charges still apply and all contractual obligations are honored in any event.

5) You do Mastering too? Is that part of the fees?
I STRONGLY encourage you to use another Mastering Engineer for your project. Doing so gives you valuable perspective of your work and will enhance your mix. I do have Mastering-Grade equipment and a bit of knowledge on the subject. However, I offer Mastering only as a budget matter and give you all the caveats (warnings and pitfalls) of having a single person BOTH mix and master a project. My personal preference is that we send the mix to professional mastering engineers like John Cuniberti or Mike Wells and have them work their magic on your behalf.



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